Bananas Foster Mugcake

Bananas Foster Mugcake

Bananas Foster Mugcake with only 248 calories, 7g fat, 15g net carbs, and 27g protein.

Bananas Foster anything is amazing! Just love bananas in any dessert, especially in mugcakes as they add the perfect amount of moistness and sweetness.

Yesterday I received my sampler pack from Elli Quark! Quark is just like Greek yogurt but has a richer and less sour taste. Elli Quark makes delicious quark with no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and also non-GMO! Plus it contains 14-17g of protein & half the calories of other flavored Greek yogurts!

elli quark

Elli Quark now ships directly to your doorstep AND you can pre-order now and receive a special Variety Pack that’s only available for a limited time! Great way to try ALLLL the flavors, including Red Velvet, Sea Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Mint. Go to for more info!

Now onto this delicious and easy mugcake recipe:

Bananas Foster Mugcake

–    1/2 scoop Infinite Labs 100% Vanilla Whey Isolate

-🍌1.5 tbsp coconut flour

-🍌1/4 mashed banana

-🍌1 egg

-🍌1 tsp NuNaturals No Carb stevia blend (or use 2 pkts of stevia)

-🍌1 tsp baking powder

-🍌Splash of vanilla

-🍌Dash of cinnamon


-🍌1/2 container Elli Quark Bananas Foster quark

-🍌Additional slices of pan seared bananas, opt

➡️Mix all ingredients except for toppings and microwave in a mug or ramekin for 50 sec.
Top with Elli Quark yogurt and bananas.

Macros for mugcake with quark: 248 cals, 7g fat, 20g carbs, 5g fiber= (15g net carbs), 8g sugar, 27g protein.


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