Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars

Basically Homemade Quest Bars!! Only 4g NET carbs, 1g sugar and 23g protein per bar! Need more protein? Divide the batter to make only 4 bars instead to bump it up to 29g protein! This is the perfect meal replacement that ACTUALLY tastes like dessert…HONESTLY!!

I have finally found a quick, easy, & amazingly good protein bar to make that even my husband loves!! Score!!

Just a few notes though:

1. You want the batter to be thick but blended.

2. You can keep it “raw” or bake it. Either way, it’s best to keep them wrapped in parchment paper so they don’t get sticky on anything (like the container they are being stored in or other bars).

Ok, so here we go with the recipe!!🎉🙌

Homemade Quest Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars🍫

4 scoops Infinite Labs 100% Vanilla Whey Isolate

1/4c natural peanut butter

1/3c erythritol or stevia

1/4c NuNaturals NuGrains Oat Fiber

5 tbsp water

1/4c Amber Lyn Chocolates Sugar Free Dark Chunks, chopped. (10% off code: cleanNdirtytreats)

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except for the chocolate. If it is really dry, add another tbsp of water. Just make sure you don’t add too much or else it will be more goop than a bar.

Stir in chocolate.

Place onto parchment paper. Divide into 5 bars and mold. Refrigerate for at least an hour to firm up. It will taste just like cookie dough!! This is how it will look:

Homemade Cookie Dough Quest Bars

Store in the refrigerator.

🌟➡️You can also bake it at 350F for 3-4 min. My first picture above is showing the bar baked. Either way it’s Delish!!

Macros per bar: 242 calories, 12g fat, 13g carbs, 9g fiber (4g net carbs), 1g sugar, 23g protein.

Mold the batter to make 4 bars instead of 5, then the MACROS per bar would be: 303 cals, 15g fat, 15g carbs, 11g fiber (4g net carbs), 1.5g sugar, 29g protein!


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Bananas Foster Mugcake

Bananas Foster Mugcake

Bananas Foster Mugcake with only 248 calories, 7g fat, 15g net carbs, and 27g protein.

Bananas Foster anything is amazing! Just love bananas in any dessert, especially in mugcakes as they add the perfect amount of moistness and sweetness.

Yesterday I received my sampler pack from Elli Quark! Quark is just like Greek yogurt but has a richer and less sour taste. Elli Quark makes delicious quark with no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and also non-GMO! Plus it contains 14-17g of protein & half the calories of other flavored Greek yogurts!

elli quark

Elli Quark now ships directly to your doorstep AND you can pre-order now and receive a special Variety Pack that’s only available for a limited time! Great way to try ALLLL the flavors, including Red Velvet, Sea Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Mint. Go to for more info!

Now onto this delicious and easy mugcake recipe:

Bananas Foster Mugcake

–    1/2 scoop Infinite Labs 100% Vanilla Whey Isolate

-🍌1.5 tbsp coconut flour

-🍌1/4 mashed banana

-🍌1 egg

-🍌1 tsp NuNaturals No Carb stevia blend (or use 2 pkts of stevia)

-🍌1 tsp baking powder

-🍌Splash of vanilla

-🍌Dash of cinnamon


-🍌1/2 container Elli Quark Bananas Foster quark

-🍌Additional slices of pan seared bananas, opt

➡️Mix all ingredients except for toppings and microwave in a mug or ramekin for 50 sec.
Top with Elli Quark yogurt and bananas.

Macros for mugcake with quark: 248 cals, 7g fat, 20g carbs, 5g fiber= (15g net carbs), 8g sugar, 27g protein.

Low Carb Birthday Cupcake with Protein Icing

Krush Bar Cupcake


It’s not my birthday, but this Birthday Cake Krush Protein Bars got me in the mood to celebrate someone’s out there for sure!! But what’s a cupcake without icing?!? Sorry, but icing is a MUST😁 So enter ➡️ Low Carb Birthday Cupcake with Protein Icing!

Yeah, this one’s gonna be my regular treat 🙂 Only 9g net carbs, 3g sugar and 40g protein for the entire cupcake! Krush bars are delicious low carb, high protein bars. They come in so many different yummy flavors. You must check them out!

Low Carb Protein Cupcake


1 Krush Birthday Cake Protein Bar

1/2 scoop vanilla casein

1/4 scoop vanilla whey

5 tbsp water

5 drops NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops.


Stir protein, water and stevia drops together. Consistency should be thick like icing. Place in freezer if it needs to firm up.

Heat Krush Bar in the microwave for 5 seconds in order to soften it. Mold it into a cooking sprayed cupcake pan. Bake at 350 for 4 minutes (careful not to overcook!).

Remove from oven and cool. Fill cupcake with protein frosting and top with sprinkles. 🎉

Macros: 332 cals, 10g fat, 9g NET carbs (28g carbs-19g fiber), 3G sugar, 40g protein.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Cookie Sandwich

Krush Bar Cookie Sandwich

Any one tired of baking and cooking from Thanksgiving?? It’s so important to get back on track right after indulging on a holiday, but the downside is that you are tired from the preparing for the actual holiday! Am I right? Well, here’s a little treat that is easy and will help ease the pain of getting back on track (psst…more trickery for your body!).

– 1 Krush Bars Raw Cookie Dough Protein Bar

– 1/4 scoop Chocolate Protein (whey or casein)

– 1 tbsp Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt

– 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa

– Stevia to taste

– 2-3 Amber Lyn Chocolates Dark Chocolate Chunks

How to make it:

– Microwave Raw Cookie Dough Krush Protein Bar for 10 seconds to soften. Cut in half. Press down to form 2 cookies and bake on a sprayed cookie sheet for 5 min at 350F.

– Stir together 1 tbsp nonfat plain Greek yogurt, 1/4 scoop chocolate protein (whey or casein), 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa, & stevia to sweeten to taste. Place in freezer until firms up.

– Top with 2 Amber Lyn Chocolates sugar free dark chocolate chunks melted, and a few cut up for good measure 🙂 YUM!!

➡️Macros for cookies and protein frosting: 282 cals, 10g fat, 7g NET carbs, 29g protein.

Cookie Heaven: Cookie Dept’s Sweet Potato & Cranberry Cookie with Protein Icing

healthy cookie with protein icing

Ohhh I’m in cookie heaven! I finally got my hands on some Cookie Department #fullyfunctionalcookies and man, they are sooooo good! Such soft and moist cookies…you can’t even tell they are good for you! I even had to fight my kids off them lol!

Right now, YOU can get 25% OFF your order using code: INSTAGRAM at  Woohoo!!! Cookie happiness for everyone!!! But hurry because this offer ends Nov. 30, 2014!

So here is my meal of Cookie Deptartment GREAT FULL sweet potato & cranberry cookie (vegan) topped with my protein icing:

1/4 scoop vanilla casein + 1/4 scoop vanilla whey +1 tbsp water + 4 drops of NuNaturals Cherry Vanilla stevia drops (aaaaamazingly Delish!).

Added the final touch of Amber Lyn Chocolates Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Almonds, crushed.

So so so goooooood! Perfect taste of the holidays!

Apple Vampire Teeth

Apple Vampire Teeth

Muahahaha!!! My bloody vampire teeth are about to be devoured 🙂 Found this idea on Pinterest and just added the blood!

Slice apples, add PB for your glue, put on the mini marshmallows (mine are from Whole Foods) for the teeth, then complete it with sugar free strawberry jelly.

My kids absolutely love these Apple Marshmallow Teeth! Perfect sweetness to have to keep out of the trick-or-treat candy.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Protein Pumpkin Bites with Jamie Eason Whey Isolate

Protein Pumpkin Bites with Jamie Eason Whey Isolate

I LOVE this time of year!! Even though we don’t have much of a Fall here in Florida, but pumpkin everything starts popping up all over the place! Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin doughnuts…you get my drift 🙂 So now I get to bust out my yummy pumpkin treat recipes!!

This recipe for Protein Pumpkin Bites is so incredibly easy and delicious. I used Jamie Eason Natural Whey Isolate vanilla protein which makes them sweet and increases my protein without all the extra carbs!

You can purchase this delicious protein at

Now onto the recipe…..

Pumpkin Protein Bites

Pumpkin Protein Bites with Jamie Eason Whey Isolate

1/3 c canned pumpkin
1 c oats
1 scoop Jamie Eason natural whey isolate vanilla protein
1/8 c agave (or honey)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Stir all together. Scoop about 1 tbsp of mixture and roll into ball (it will be sticky!) and place on parchment paper lined pan or plate. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Drizzle with 1/2 scoop Jamie Eason vanilla whey isolate mixed with 1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk on top of each bite.

Makes 12 bites. Macros per bite with drizzle: 53 cal, 1g fat, 8g carbs, 1g fiber, 3g sugar, 4g protein.

Low Carb Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies with Jamie Eason Natural Whey Isolate Protein

Jamie Eason Whey Isolate protein cookies

Cookies cookies cookies!

I really do love cookies…especially when they are diet friendly!!! This recipe makes delicious, soft cookies that won’t leave you feeling guilty since they are only 52 cals, 1.5g fat, 5g net carbs, & 4g protein per cookie…thanks to Jamie Eason low carb natural whey isolate protein!💖🙌

Low Carb Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies with Jamie Eason Natural Whey Isolate Protein🍫


🍪1/2 scoop Jamie Eason Natural Whey Isolate Chocolate whey protein

–> Purchase at <–

🍪1 egg

🍪1 tbsp unsweetened applesauce

🍪3 tbsp oat flour

🍪1/2 tsp baking flour

🍪2 pkts stevia

🍪1 tbsp PB2 (powdered peanut butter) mixed with 1/2 tbsp water.

*PB2 can be purchased at most stores including Target, nutrition stores including Whole Foods, and online at (see coupon link to the right for $10 off your first Vitacost purchase of $30 or more!)

➡️Stir together and bake on a greased cookie sheet at 350F for 4-5 min. Don’t over bake or it will turn out dry!

➡️Remove and cool.

➡️Mix PB2 and water together (should be thick) and ice your cookies. Yum!

Makes 6 cookies. Macros per cookie: 52 cals, 1.5g fat, 6g carbs, 1g fiber, 1g sugar, 4g protein.

Low Fat PB2 Cookies

pb2 cookies

Anyone heard of PB2? PB2 is peanut butter but in a powder form. Most of the fat is removed (since it’s powder it doesn’t need oil) and you just mix it with water to get that peanut butter spread! It’s a great low calorie, low carb, low sugar, and low fat alternative to regular peanut butter. You can find PB2 in most grocery and health food stores now, but Vitacost is having a sale on it!! Go to where they are selling it for $2.99 each!! Great deal! And what is even better…if you are new to Vitacost, you can use my code to get $10 off your purchase of $30 or more!! Click here for the deal:

Now on to this quick and easy cookie recipe that has only 63 calories, 2g fat, 3g net carbs & 7g protein per cookie!!

PB2 Cookies

Makes 7 cookies

1 c PB2
1/2 c water
1/4c stevia, or 4-5 pkts
1 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla

-Mix PB2 and water to make your PB. It should have the same consistency, so slowly add the water to make sure.

-Mix in stevia, applesauce, egg & vanilla. If it’s too thin, add more PB2.

-Scoop 1.5 tbsp fulls of dough & place on parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 8min at 350F.

-Remove and let cool. Mine are topped with a little sugar free choco syrup.👌

Macros per cookie: 63cals, 2g fat, 6g carbs, 2g fiber, 1g sugar, 7g protein.🌟


Peanut Butter & Banana Cake Batter Filled Tart

PB Banana cake batter tart


Peanut Butter & Banana Cake Batter Filled Tart🍫

It’s almost like a pop tart…but not. Hard to pin the best name for it, but why would it really matter?? Just MAKE it and EAT it!! U will thank me!

– 1 heaping tbsp coconut flour

– 1 egg white

-1 tbsp About Time NightTime Recovery Zz casein protein –>Get yours for 25% off at and enter code: cleanNdirtytreats!

– 1 tbsp powdered peanut butter flour (also called PB2)

– 2 tbsp water

– 1 Low Carb Wheat Tortilla (I used Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber, Low Carb Whole Wheat)

– 1/4 banana

– Sugar Free mini chocolate chips (opt.)


– Mix together, but slowly add the water. The consistency should still be thick, not thin.

– Spread onto low carb wheat tortilla.

– Place a few thin slices of banana in top. Then add a few mini sugar free chocolate chips.

– Wrap and bake at 350F for about 15min flipping it over halfway.

– Cool then top with frosting.


– 2 tbsp nonfat plain Greek yogurt

– 1/2 tbsp About Time vanilla whey protein

– 1 pkt stevia

– Stir together, top tart, then tear it up!!! Yummmmmay!!!

Makes 1 tart. Macros for all except chocolate chips: 278 calories, 4g fat, 25g carbs, 13g fiber, 3g sugar, & 29g protein.