Matcha Protein Smoothie


Low Carb Matcha Protein Smoothie! Only 2g carbs, 2g fat, and 32g protein! Perfect for summer.

So excited about About Time’s NEW line of Protein + Yummies! I had to try the Matcha + Protein as this Green Tea has such health benefits like chlorophyll…a major detoxifier!

Just 1 scoop = 16p/0f/0c 


My low carb smoothie is perfect for a summer day (talk about refreshing!) and keeps ya Lean ‘n Mean  #SummerTime

Low Carb Matcha Protein Smoothie

2 scoops About Time New Protein + Matcha Whey Isolate

{15% off + free ship code: cleanNdirtytreats}

1/2 tsp xantham gum (to thicken)

1 cup unsweetened cashew milk

1 packet of stevia

1/2 cup ice


Place all ingredients into a blender. Then enjoy!

Macros for smoothie: 2f/2c/32p 


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