Pumpkin Protein French Toast

Just. Look. At. That. Syrup.😍😍 This morning’s Pumpkin Protein French Toast!! Can you believe this is my first time having protein french toast?? Where the hell have I been?! I’ve been missing out on this classic deliciousness!!🙌 Well time to make up for lost time👌🏼 Here’s how I made mine:


Pumpkin Protein French Toast

🌀2 slices Ezekial Bread

🌀1 scoop tryabouttime.com About Time Whey Isolate Pumpkin Protein (use code ‘cleanNdirtytreats for 25% off at TryAboutTime.com)

🌀2 egg whites

🌀1/4 cup unsweetened Silk cashew milk

🌀2 drops of Nunaturals liquid stevia

🌀Dash of pumpkin pie spice, opt


💠Whisk protein, egg whites, milk, stevia and spice together. 

💠Dip slices of bread into liquid mixture and let soak for at least 2 min. 

💠Cook in a sprayed pan on medium heat. 

💠Top with some healthy goodness…like bananas and sugar free maple syrup👌🏼

💠Macros without toppings: 300 cals, 1.6g fat, 31g carbs, 6g fiber, 0.5g sugar, 40g protein. #cleanNdirtytreats #cleanNdirtymeals


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