Supplement Detox: Why it isn’t such a bad idea!

So here you are. You take a preworkout, a fat burner, BCAAs, etc etc. you’ve been doing it for months to help you achieve your goals. Totally legit stuff too! I mean, it’s tough to NOT use a preworkout for energy & to get a good pump going for a workout you are about to endure (especially for those 5am or 6pm workouts!). But the crash afterwards totally wears you out. The burners aren’t working (I typically use l-Carnitine or green tea extract), BCAAs are bloating you & rough on the stomach…you feel miserable! Not only that, you are not seeing any progress!!! That’s the worse!

Well, a supplement detox may be in order!

This is exactly what I have been experiencing myself lately. After a while, your body needs change in order to keep progressing. We know this when it comes to workouts and diet (you can’t keep doing the same workout and eat the same things day in & day out, and expect to keep losing weight or keep gaining muscle!), BUT it also stands true for supplements! Don’t forget that!

There is also such a thing as too much of a good thing. For 2 months, I was taking BCAAs nearly all day long in order to preserve muscle gains while dieting to shed fat. It bloated me and I always felt run down. But I thought it was all because of the training, cardio, & low carb diet. Guess what was a big part of it….Too Much BCAAs! Yes, you can take in too much!

I recently read an article in TRAIN magazine supplied to my by titled “The Limits of BCAAs”. The article explains that too much consumption can cause fatigue and decrease your levels of important nutrients. It can elicit ammonia production which causes the fatigue. Plus too much leucine (key activator of protein synthesis) without increase of 2 other important BCAAs, valine & isoleucine, could actually DECREASE protein synthesis…and we don’t want that!

So make sure if you are consuming BCAAs, choose 2:1:1 ratio. Also take no more than 136mg/lb.

But as far as the detox goes, give it a week…then give it another week without using supplements (but always keep your vitamins, fish oil, whey protein, etc). Try using only black coffee as your energy booster. That is what I have been doing for the past week and I feel amazing!!!! This change along with a new workout regime, new diet plan…I’m finally making progress! And that is what keeps me going and focused on achieving my goals.

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