“Hamburger” Cupcake

It’s a brownie and cupcake put together to create a “Hamburger”! Another fun cupcake my daughter made that I want to share with u all!!

Best of both worlds…Burgers & Cupcakes 🙂

➡️Here’s how to create them:

1. Make a batch of brownies and cupcakes w/ yellow cake mix (or from scratch).
2. Take a cupcake and cut in half.
3. Cut the brownies using a round cookie cutter, or just cut because u will need to press them into a hamburger patty.
4. Assemble like a burger.
5. Mix vanilla frosting with a little food coloring to create the condiments (red=ketchup, Yellow=mustard, green=lettuce).
You can also top it with yellow sprinkles to get the sesame seed affect on the “bun”.

Tada!!! Hamburger cupcakes!! Kids (& adults) will have fun making them! Enjoy!!


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