About Time Protein!

About Time Protein!

I have been working on cleaning up my diet lately. Trying to only stick with natural calorie free sweeteners like Stevia, no artificial crap I can’t pronounce, etc. But as easy it is to do this with all my food…I take a look at my protein powder and oh MAN!! All kinds of stuff in it!! Well people, there is a High Quality, All Natural, Delicious Tasting Protein out there!! It’s About Time!! Well yes, it is “About Time” I got clean with my protein too!!

In addition, I have joined their team…so all of YOU gracious people can get yours too for a DISCOUNT!! Here’s how:

Go to http://www.TryAboutTime.com

Enter code: cleanNdirtytreats for 25% OFF!!

What a deal!! They even have Vegan Protein, Bars, Natural Fat Burner, and more!

Join me on this #GetCleanforHealth challenge 🙂


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