Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar Roll-Ups

<a href=" Try Quest Protein Bars!“>Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar Roll-Ups

I have been a big fan of protein bars. They are quick and easy when you are trying to diet. Perfect for on-the-go! Unfortunately many consist of ingredients that just aren’t good for you. Take a look at label. If yours has a billion ingredients with names you cannot pronounce, chances are it is way over processed.

But the past year, I have discovered the most amazing protein bar with natural ingredients that ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD! Enter –> the Quest Bar!! <– Quest Bars were developed by a Figure Competitor. And competitors have to diet to prepare for a show. She developed these amazing low carb, high fiber, high protein bars to help make dieting (and muscle growing!) easier!!

These bars are low sugar as they are sweetened with natural sweeteners, and are GLUTEN FREE.

They are delicious all by themselves, or heat them up in the microwave a few seconds for a treat! I find that sometimes I like to create fun recipes with them. Any way you eat them, you surely won't be disappointed!

I am now apart of the Quest Nutrition team! If you would like to purchase your own Quest Bars (or their other low carb products, like pasta!), click on my link to the right of the this main page or above this recipe picture!

Your dieting just got easier and yummier! You are welcome 🙂

This is a fun, EASY recipe using one of my favorate flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Roll-Ups

Serves 1.

1. Place one chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar on a baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes at 350F. I like to use my toaster oven for baking little treats like these.

2. Remove from oven and flatten while the bar is hot.

3. In a bowl, mix 3 tbsp plain or vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt with 1 pkt stevia and a drop of vanilla extract.

4. Spread onto the flat bar and roll up. Enjoy! Only 6g NET CARBS!

Macros: 223 calories/8g fat/23g carbs/17g fiber/3g sugar/27g protein.

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